Party season: Are you Out Out or Straight Out?

Who cares about looking like they haven’t made an effort at party season?

If ever there was an opportunity to drop your Cool Girl vibes, it’s now.

If you haven’t admitted to it all year, it’s ok to DRESS UP. And to tell anyone who asks, that you’re going Out Out.

Coast’s party pieces include plenty of sparkle, ruffles, and even some thigh-high slits (a new move to appeal to the growing number of younger shoppers apparently coming along with their mums.)

The latest collection is probably one of the high street brand’s strongest yet, and they haven’t forgotten their core buyer – someone who likes dresses that actually have backs (hello, ASOS, where have yours gone?) and the occasional sleeve.

And if you do like your outfits with some too-cool-to-care mystique, even at Christmas, the Friday collection is a good look.

Aimed at the straight-from-work shopper – think an 8pm dinner, rather than clubbing until 4 – it’s full of clothes that won’t make you look as if you took a day in lieu to get ready for the office party.

There’s a tuxedo lounge suit, a knitted top dipped casually in a plume of elbow-to-finger feathers, and this super-flattering, oh-so-lightly glittered belted dress.

The Cardiff store has a sale on, and up to 50% off, but you can save 20% off full price stock, by mentioning Claire Rees at the counter, until the end of December 2017.