Style Me Quick

That ‘Outfit – sorted. Relax’ feeling.

Lovely when it happens. But not always the end result of every shopping trip.

Contrary to what films tell us, not everyone LOVES shopping. It’s not an in-built characteristic that comes with being female, any more than it’s true we’d all run over our nan for a piece of chocolate ( don’t get me started on chocolate adverts. Just because I’m a woman, doesn’t mean I dream in chocolate. Crisps, maybe…)

Anyway, to some people, shopping is a chore – something we don’t always a. have much time for b. particularly enjoy.

Then, when we have a looming event, we go into town and spend unproductive hours getting hot and sweaty in tiny changing rooms, hoping for the best.

So at Style Me Red, we’re now offering the Style Me Quick package – aimed at those without the time to spend a day milling around the shops. And just in time to make the most of the summer sales.

Book now for a 1 hour session at just £50 for this limited-time package, and we’ll go shopping for your party/holiday/whatever, and I’ll find you something you love.

I have access to stores’ spacious personal styling suites (with coffee/tea and comfy sofas), will do all the running around for you, and I’ll even carry your bags.

Plus I’ll have already researched some of the best buys (from the sales too, my favourite) so by the time we meet I’ll have an idea of exactly what it is you’re looking for.

Sound good?

If you work in Cardiff city centre, we can shop on your lunch break and you’ll be back at your desk within the hour, clutching your gorgeous new purchase.

Weekend and after-work bookings available, too.

Here’s what Laura, from Cardiff, had to say about her Style Me Quick booking…

“I got in touch with Claire as I needed an outfit very quickly that would suit two occasions. In the first shop, Claire was whizzing around picking up lots of dresses (many of which I probably wouldn’t have looked at twice on the hanger). Before I knew it we were in the shop’s suite with a pile of colourful pieces, I was particularly impressed that they all had discounted prices, too. I couldn’t believe I’d bought a dress so quickly, I’m never normally that decisive. As for the accessories, Claire also made that seem quick and easy. She picked out a bold turquoise necklace and heels (both of which were complete bargains.) Before I knew it I also had a fabulous clutch bag with a bold floral print (again something I would never have picked out if left to my own devices). When I got home and tried the whole outfit on, I was absolutely delighted with the finished look. I couldn’t believe how quickly I had a new outfit which I felt really special in. My mum said it was ‘the best thing I’ve ever seen youFashion_shoe_London in’. High praise indeed.”


To book, contact me on 07815 291140 or and ask for the Style Me Quick package xx

Longer sessions available on request.