• Fiona

    "Claire came to my house to do a wardrobe weed.  In just two hours, she'd arranged my clothes and put together around 10 outfits and shown me so many ways that I could wear what I already had. I had a fab afternoon. I learned so much from her in that short space of time.  I was buzzing with ideas afterwards and found it difficult to sleep as I was excited about all of the outfits I was going to put together."
  • Eleanor Beer

    “I needed help putting an outfit together for a wedding, and only had five days to do so due to my busy work schedule.
    I discovered Claire on Twitter via a friend and immediately jumped at the chance of working with her.
    Claire was warm, friendly and made me feel relaxed about trying on new colours and styles. We were able to put an outfit together within two hours and I was over the moon with the results. I fully recommend working with Claire if you need to put an outfit together for a special occasion. She’s fantastic!"
  • Hannah Steele

    "Since having my little boy a year ago, I've struggled, as many new mums do with my self image. I've always had my finger on the pulse with regards to fashion but ahead of my son's christening, I really started to panic about what to wear and what styles suited my new shape. When I met up with Claire, taking my little boy along, I had in my mind what suited me and what didn't. We ended up finding my new dress in the first shop we visited (after a few e-mails where Claire suggested some looks and I sent her pictures of the kind of thing I was after.) She took me around the shop picking up some dresses and listening to my preferences and she gave me confidence to `try`different styles, ones that I thought really wouldn't suit. I felt so confident with the shape, colour and detail of one of the dresses she picked out. I really wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't for the expertise and vision of Claire. Her friendly, confident nature made this experience such a pleasant one. It didn't take hours, it was hassle-free and I would definitely recommend her help if you have an event coming up or to update your wardrobe. Thanks so much, Claire."
  • Susie Dawson, Now Media

    "We worked with Claire on our 'Style Me' event for St Catherine’s Walk, Carmarthen.
    She was great!  Easy to work with, really knowledgeable about fashion and styling, and totally unflappable.
    Our five models were all real shoppers who were a variety of shapes and sizes but Claire easily themed the clothes in a credible and directional way – and she wrote some great copy to go on our accompanying literature.  On the day of the event, Claire co-presented the event on stage alongside Radio Carmarthen.  She was very professional,  seemingly with no nerves at all."
  • Camilla Kerslake (right, in green) - classical singer

    camilla"Claire arranged for me an enormous selection of simply gorgeous, fashion forward outfits for some high-profile events during rugby international weekend. They suited my tastes perfectly. I can't wait to work with her again."
  • Sara Robinson - managing director

    “As a busy working mum with a pathological fear of shopping, I didn’t know where to turn when I needed a killer outfit for a big occasion. I find the in-store personal shoppers sometimes a little pushy and biased towards their own stock for obvious reasons. I really needed an independent pair of eyes with a strong grasp not only of what was fashionable but what would suit my figure and personality. I’m so glad I found Claire. Before we even planned our shopping session she asked me lots of relevant questions and I really feel like she made an effort to understand my style, preferences and personality. The shop itself was surprisingly painless and I even found myself enjoying it! Claire picked some outfits I would never have dreamed suited me or picked up myself, which meant I experimented with patterns and colours I would have walked straight past. She was fantastic company and really patient, making it fun and a bit of an adventure which is no mean feat as I previously hated shopping. The day was a revelation, and I ended up with three outfits which I absolutely adore. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire to anybody who needs to jazz up their wardrobe or looking for that perfect frock.”
  • Rhiannon Culverhouse - finance officer

    "Claire has made me love shopping again. I often feel overwhelmed when looking for an outfit, feeling like I don't have a clue what suits me. I sometimes lack the confidence to try something new. Meeting with Claire was a real help. She encouraged me to try things I would normally have steered clear of and she helped me see how things that I would never have imagined would suit me could do so when paired with the right necklace or heels (which she was happy to run around the shops grabbing for me while I got dressed at my leisure.) There was no pressure to take her advice and she gave honest feedback to each outfit. I would definitely recommend Claire as she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I would do this again in an instant and because of her advice I may now actually enjoy shopping."
  • Charlotte Gabriella Savoury - make up artist, Illamasqua

    “It was an absolute pleasure to work with Claire. Prior to the shoot there was constant communication between us allowing me to have a clear understanding of the type of make up that was required for this shoot. Claire’s communication before the shoot allowed me to be fully prepared with ideas. Through Claire’s great planning the whole day ran smoothly allowing us to shoot everything that day. Claire is extremely creative and has a eye for colour and texture. Watching Claire putting outfits together was great! She is a great stylist and confident in her work. The way she put things together inspired me to be more experimental with my clothes and would easily buy the collections she put together. Working with Claire was professional, fun and inspiring and I can’t wait to work with her again in the near future.”
  • Event styling

    "The Show, Wales, is Breast Cancer Care Cymru’s flagship event, bringing together 23 women and one man, all of whom have been diagnosed with breast cancer. And the fashion show stylist is one of the most important roles. Our models have never set foot on a catwalk before and living with a breast cancer diagnosis attacks confidence and shatters self-esteem. Shopping for clothes can be a daunting task for most people but when you have experienced the debilitating side effects of breast cancer and you have to stand up in front of your family, friends and 400 strangers, Claire is the stylist you want at your side. Her friendly, gentle, but persuasive nature made her the perfect person for the job. And she is extremely patient which helped put our models at ease. Thanks to Claire, our models had the most wonderful unforgettable night and the Breast Cancer Care team couldn’t thank her enough." Rachael Power, area fundraiser, Wales, Breast Cancer Care.